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November APRR meeting

Posted about 1 year ago by Jo Shuford-Guice


Please make sure that you are registered for the November meeting not only here on our site, but through www.simplyspeakingpah.com -activity code 23729945. If your name is not on the guest list you will not be able to attend the dinner and receive a CEU. I know that this is not the norm for us but required for this meeting due to the credit given. For those who have registered already, please make sure you are registered at the above site as well.

Thanks and hope to see your there!!


Patsy Riley about 1 year ago

I went to simplyspeakingpah.com and registered and got message they would let me know if space was available

Terry Watkins about 1 year ago

Try again Patsy, It worked after I filled out some bio info and used the access code 23729945. Hope to see you at the NPAA conference in Bham.

Marietta Nero 12 months ago

I initially registered via ENP and didn't see for company online registration. Now it says I will be notified if there is room so not sure?

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