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UPDATE!! ADPH Rule Change: Hearing Cancelled

Posted 6 months ago by Ta-Nisha Emmanuel

Good Afternoon,

  • NPAA President has released updated information: Thank you to all the NPAA members who relayed the message regarding ADPH’s purposed rule change. Our strength in numbers accomplished our goal!
  • ADPH Statement:

"Thank you for your comments. It was certainly not the intent of the Office of Radiation Control to take away the ability to order radiographic studies from anyone who is currently authorized to order them. The rule changes were proposed in order to make Alabama's radiation rules consistent with national practices, and the language in the proposed rule was taken from model language that is used by many other states. Nevertheless, the rule changes are being portrayed by some as an attempt to stop non-physicians from ordering. Therefore, ADPH will notify the Legislative Services Agency today that we are withdrawing the current proposed rule set, and will cancel the public hearing that was scheduled for later this week. Our team is already working on clarifying language for updating the rules that hopefully will not be misunderstood. 

Thank you again for your comments."

David A. Turberville, Director
Office of Radiation Control
Alabama Department of Public Health