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Plans for 2022

Posted 4 months ago by Crystal Hopkins

Good morning and Hello colleagues. 

It is now 2022! We have a new year to be our best, work on our goals, and provide outstanding care for our patients. Every first Tuesday of the month we will continue to have meetings to increase our knowledge base and connect with one another. The monthly meetings will be face to face unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as an increase in COVID in our area. At that time, the meetings may be moved to a virtual platform. This month (January) our meeting was moved to the second Tuesday due to the start of the new year and giving time for all of us to settle our lives after the holidays.

One of the most important events of this year is our Biennial Pharmacology Conference. This will be our 9th year doing this exceptional event for all of our statewide colleagues. If you are interested in helping with the planning of the conference, please reach out to one of the officers or even myself. We would love for everyone's input and talents as we move forward with the planning process.

Another one of our goals as a group is to support the Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama (NPAA). The NPAA serves as the statewide nurse practitioner group and is always lobbying for the best in practice for all of us. The President of NPAA is our very own group member and former President, Dr. Joyce Loyd-Davis. We will continue to support her and our mission as a whole for fully independent practice. 

Thank you all for your continued support! 

Dr. Crystal Hopkins, President