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Posted over 4 years ago

If you attended one of the MASA/BME Controlled Substances Conferences to obtain a DEA number and Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate (QACSC) you ONLY have 12 months (1 full year) in which to complete the process.

From the date of the conference you attend, the 12-month clock begins. For those who attended the July 2013 conference, if you did not complete the process, your eligibility has now expired and if you plan to apply for a DEA # you will be required to go through another conference to be eligible for a QACSC.

The BME/MASA reports that many NPs started the process with the QACSC but have not completed the process by sending in proof of a DEA certificate. If you have not sent a copy of your DEA # to the BME/MASA you have not completed the process.

For questions related to this issue, please email Pat Ward RN Collaborative Practice Nurse Consultant; contact info below.

Alabama Board of Medical Examiners
848 Washington Ave.
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone:334-833-0186 Fax: 334-269-2696