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ABN Public Hearings

Posted about 6 years ago by Lisa Blount

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The Alabama Board of Nursing is conducting public hearings in seven locations around the State of Alabama beginning September 7 and ending October 9, 2012.  The locations are attached and include links to maps.  Also attached is a bill that was introduced last legislative session with a list of questions the Board would like attendees to address.  While the issue is about CRNPs and CNMs prescribing controlled substances, schedules III-V, the Board of Medical Examiners insists the only way that will happen is if they issue the controlled substance certificate and the CRNPs and CNMs are subject to the BME for regulation of controlled substances.

The Board is interested in all opinions related to this issue.  This is not a question and answer session with the Board.  You are asked to review the bill and the accompanying questions and bring your opinion to the public hearing.  You will sign in and once your name is called, you’ll be asked to go to the podium and state your position.  There will be a court reporter to take down all of the statements and that information will be made available to interested parties, including posting on our web site, when the public hearings are over.

Your input is critical so the Board will have as much input as possible when the issue arises in the 2013 regular legislative session as it likely will.  Thank you for your input and I encourage you to pass on information to your colleagues who may not be a subscriber to one of the Board’s list servs.   Feel free to email me at Genell.Lee@abn.alabama.gov if you have questions.  Hope to see you at a public hearing!

N. Genell Lee, MSN, RN, JD
Executive Officer
Alabama Board of Nursing
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